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New app helps managers address workplace mental health

Friday, November 23, 2018

IncludeMe is a new app designed for managers to understand and take action on workplace mental health.

The interactive tool, launched by charity Iris The Dragon, is like a graphic novel for adults to follow along with different workplace mental health scenarios where you get to problem solve in order to progress.

According to Jessica Grass, project manager at IncludeMe, the charity is dedicated to facilitating mental health conversations with the gatekeepers of society and breaking down barriers to social inclusion for people with mental health disabilities.

The research shows when those that have mental health challenges, feel included and supported by their community (personal or through work) they lead an improved quality of life and recovery or just leave a leading a more manageable lifestyle is attainable rather than feeling like an outsider,” Grass said.

Based on Iris the Dragon’s narrative formula, the gamified training app gives managers strategies when facing challenges and builds confidence in addressing situations in order to learn and practice how to improve mental health in the workplace. According to a press release, the app is endorsed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada for its “effectiveness in changing attitudes towards those with mental health issues.”

Part of the funding for the training app was provided by the Government of Canada’s Social Development Projects for People with Disabilities program making it a tool that is accessible for those that may not have the resources to do workplace mental health training.

IncludeMe is now available on Google Play and the Apple store. Users are encouraged to do the advanced registration pre and post survey to help measure the effectiveness of the game.

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