Lighting updates top to-do list at B.C. library

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Lighting updates are at the top of a to-do list at a Delta, B.C., library after the local council last month authorized the release of reserve funds. An $80,000 infusion will help cover the cost of completing a series of projects at the city’s libraries that a recent facility audit and public consultation suggest are overdue.

staff report explains that the condition of a lot of the furniture in the city’s libraries rated as “poor” in the facility audit and “outdated” in the public consultation, which revealed other opportunities for interior refreshes.

“Staff would like to engage the services of an interior design professional to determine whether the concerns expressed by library users are due to poor lighting, drab interior paintwork, or a combination of both,” the staff report states in reference to George Mackie Library. “Resolution of this issue is potentially quite simple and may involve some targeted lighting improvements in specific areas of the library and new painting to brighten the room.”

The staff report also flags the estimated $14,000 replacement of 150 meeting room chairs as a priority project.

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