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Kiko Water Systems wins Green Building Product of the Year

Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) presented Kiko Water Systems with the 2017 CaGBC Green Building Product of the Year Award for their Water Systems Cartridges, during a gala dinner last night that was part of the Building Lasting Change national conference.

Kiko’s Water System Cartridges was chosen by the jury because of their ability to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions at a minimal capital expense and disruption to the owner, along with a short payback period. The product’s applicability was also noted, with the ability to be implemented in a broad spectrum of building types including new and existing buildings.
Product submissions were assessed based on four key areas: sustainability, transparency and verification, innovation, and application.

Kiko Water Systems Cartridges makes boilers, chillers, cooling towers, heat exchangers and heat pumps all operate more efficiently, as a nanotechnology that is green and not chemical Buildings with their technology save an average of more than 20 per cent of their HVAC energy consumption. The technology also helps equipment to not work as hard, which reduces maintenance costs and extends equipment lifespan.

“Since we started, our mission has been to provide clients with an easy, effective way to reduce GHG emissions, extend equipment lifespans, lower operating costs and monitor equipment performance without disruption.,” said Jeff Addison, managing director, Kiko Water Systems. “By being recognized by the CaGBC, we are able to further our mission and create a more sustainable future.”

Kiko has installed their proprietary technology in hundreds of HVAC systems spanning millions of square feet, and boasts a 100 per cent success rate for reducing energy consumption. This had led to GHG emissions reductions in large commercial, residential and hotel towers since 2013.

“Creative products like this are an example of business transforming the industry by offering not only an innovative solution for the reduction of energy consumption and carbon emission but also costs for buildings owners,” said CaGBC President and CEO Thomas Mueller.

The honour was presented by Shyam Ramrekha, product manager of UL Environment, who once again sponsored the award. Runners up were CarbonCure Technologies for CarbonCure Concrete, a technology that recycles waste carbon dioxide to make affordable, greener concrete products. Cascadia Window Ltd also won for The Cascadia Clip, a thermal spacer made from low-conductivity fiberglass material, which reduces thermal bridging, improving the effective thermal resistance of the exterior wall.

Kiko Water Systems now has the right to use a CaGBC Product of the Year crest on its marketing materials and product website.

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