National Housing Strategy

Governments to collaborate on housing strategy

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

At a recent meeting among federal, provincial and territorial ministers responsible for housing, ministers agreed to move forward with a renewed collaboration between both levels of government on the topic of housing based on integrity, openness and respect. They also discussed the development of a National Housing Strategy and agreed that thinking long-term when it comes to housing outcomes is essential for meeting the needs of Canadians.

The collaboration between federal, provincial and territorial levels of government on a National Housing Strategy will allow recognition and respect for each other’s specific roles and responsibilities; build upon and complement provincial and territorial strategies; and recognize that flexibility and sustainability are necessary when addressing some housing challenges, such as those facing Indigenous people and Canada’s north.

“We are pleased that the federal government recognizes the provinces and territories as primary partners in housing,” said the Honourable Rich Coleman, Deputy Premier and Minister Responsible for Housing of British Columbia, in a press release. “Our renewed collaboration will strengthen and support the work provinces and territories are already doing to achieve positive housing outcomes for our citizens. Working together to develop a National Housing Strategy will help reach our shared goal of making sure all Canadians have access to housing that is safe and affordable.”

Canadian citizens will be given the ability to voice their opinion online and through other consultations on a National Housing Strategy. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) will convene roundtable discussions with Indigenous and other communities, key stakeholders and housing experts in the summer and early fall, with feedback to reach the ministers when they meet again in the fall.

Quebec opted to not sign on to a National Housing Strategy at this stage, although the province still plans on participating in its development with the intention of sharing information.

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