Alpine Jan-San

Citron Hygiene acquires Alberta’s Alpine Jan-San

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Citron Hygiene has acquired Alpine Jan-San (Alpine), Alberta’s leading provider of commercial washroom hygiene services.

Alpine serves an array of customers, from retailers and foodservice establishments to commercial, manufacturing and industrial businesses.

“This acquisition supports our acquisitive corporate growth strategy and will significantly enhance our presence and density in the Alberta market on the heels of our Sani-Service acquisition completed in September 2016, our initial entry into this market,” says Citron Hygiene President and CEO Peter Farrell. “Alpine has long been the dominant washroom hygiene service provider in that market and I am delighted that Alpine’s owners, Ray and Kim Olthof, felt that we were the right buyer for their company.”

Both Ray and Kim Olthof wanted to ensure Alpine’s buyer had business savvy, but also looked after its employees and loyal customers.

“As the largest player in our space in Canada, Citron Hygiene has a well-established track record of delivering excellent customer service and fostering a very positive corporate culture,” the duo said. “We look forward to working closely with Peter’s team to ensure a smooth and seamless transition process for our customers.”

Citron Hygiene is a leading provider of commercial washroom and foodservice hygiene, pest control solutions, as well as a broad range of chemical and other facility-based products and services.

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