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Canada to phase out boric acid products

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dozens of pesticide products that contain boric acid for use in and around the home will have their registrations cancelled and be phased out of the Canadian marketplace.

The federal government published the final pesticide re-evaluation decision for boric acid, a naturally occurring substance that is commonly used in a wide range of pesticide products in Canada to control insects and fungi.

Canadians can be exposed to boric acid through a variety of commonly used products, such as pesticides, cleaning products, homemade arts and craft materials, cosmetics, swimming pool and spa chemicals, and drugs and natural health products.

In total, there are 112 pesticide products registered for use in Canada containing boric acid. Of those, 25 will have their registrations cancelled while the remaining 87 will have to meet new labelling requirements no later than 24 months from the date of this final decision.

A list of the affected products can be found on Health Canada’s website.
Canada is also conducting a broader review of boric acid under the Chemicals Management Plan and has published a draft risk assessment for input from Canadians.

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