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E-learning course targets moisture, humidity control

Thursday, April 6, 2017

ASHRAE has added two new courses to its e-learning catalogue – School of Hard Knocks: Controlling Moisture & Humidity in Buildings and Ethics for the Built Environment Professional Engineer.

The School of Hard Knocks: Controlling Moisture & Humidity in Buildings course offers intensive lessons about moisture and humidity-related imperatives of design – both architectural and mechanical – and about moisture issues in construction and operation. The training shows specifics on how dry buildings are more resilient, comfortable and energy-efficient than damp or mouldy buildings.

The Ethics for the Built Environment Professional Engineer course provides an overview of engineering ethics – including explaining the common framework for ethical decisions and providing key definitions needed by every professional engineer in today’s workplace. ASHRAE’s Code of Ethics and the National Society of Professional Engineers’ (NSPE) Code of Ethics are also discussed. Additionally, a review of several ethical case studies from the NSPE helps course takers better understand the duties and decisions faced by professionals within the built environment industry.

The ASHRAE e-learning Centre was launched last year to promote more accessible and effective training for industry members.

“Offering all of ASHRAE’s world-class educational products – including these two new courses – in one location is a significant step forward for the industry,” says ASHRAE President Tim Wentz, Fellow ASHRAE, HBDP. “The ASHRAE eLearning Center is helping our industry’s engineers meet their professional goals more efficiently, which in turn, better equips them to create a future where the built environment is healthier, more comfortable and more energy efficient.”

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    I would be interested in online courses – regarding maintenance of properties – HVAC equipments – anything to with Industrial properties. Do you have any courses online training/courses which doesn’t require taking an actual course – basically like seminars on my own accord?

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