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Safety data now availiable for U.S. cleaning product ingredients

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Safety data on hundreds of chemicals in the U.S. consumer cleaning product supply chain is now available through the website for the American Cleaning Institute’s (ACI) Cleaning Product Ingredient Safety Initiative (CPISI).

“The data available on ACI’s Cleaning Product Ingredient Safety Initiative provides the scientific backbone to cleaning product ingredient safety,” said Dr. Paul DeLeo, associate vice-president, environmental safety at ACI. “The website represents a significant transparency initiative for the cleaning products industry. CPISI provides a striking counterweight to the urban myths that there are no data available on common cleaning product ingredients.”

ACI conducted an exposure assessment for each of the nearly 600 ingredients on the Ingredient Inventory that are used in consumer cleaning products.

In addition to developing a quantitative estimate of consumer exposure, ACI published on its website a description of each ingredient, including:

  • the types of products in which it is used
  • the form of those products
  • the ingredient’s function within each of those products
  • the typical concentration range among the products
  • the most relevant routes of exposure associated with the use of those products

The current website will be refined going forward. The data available will be most useful to regulators, researchers, and cleaning product industry formulators and suppliers looking for detailed information on ingredients used in consumer cleaning products.

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