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Stricter mortgage stress test won’t quell buying frenzy anytime soon

While it’s hard to predict the consequences of the new stress test, the move isn’t necessarily a silver bullet for a cooler housing market, experts say.
Equifax Report


Report: Canadians weigh in on mortgage fraud

Millennials are more likely to fib on the mortgage applications, while a majority of Canadians believe mortgage fraud is on the rise. These are some of the findings from a survey by Equifax Canada on current perceptions and trends around mortgage fraud.


MPC lobbies Ottawa for less restrictive mortgage rules

Representatives from Mortgage Professionals Canada (MPC) united in Ottawa this May to lobby for changes to Canada’s federal mortgage eligibility and financing laws which “unnecessarily impact


Federal policies have negative impacts on housing markets: Report

Federal policy changes made with the intent to cool housing prices and demand continue to impact housing markets across Canada, according to a new report.


Housing affordability to erode further in 2019: RBC Economics

This year is unlikely to provide substantial housing affordability relief, reports the latest Housing Trends and Affordability report from RBC Economics.