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Nova Centre to get major connectivity boost

Monday, October 2, 2017

When the Nova Centre development in downtown Halifax is complete, it will be one of the most technologically connected commercial hubs in Atlantic Canada, spanning two city blocks.

Argyle Development recently announced that Rogers Communications will provide all connectivity infrastructure for the mixed-use community hub, which will, ultimately, invigorate the whole Halifax business community.

Rogers has laid thousands of kilometres of network fibre in the one million square foot building, ensuring private, secure and dedicated network fibre for all tenants, including banks and financial services, the Halifax Convention Centre, restaurants and all future businesses that move into the building.

In addition to Wi-Fi for tenants, this investment will allow more than 10,000 people inside the Convention Centre, and 3,000 in common areas to access free high-speed.

“The Nova Centre represents the best of Nova Scotia: her people, entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking” said Joe Ramia, president of Argyle Development. “With these state-of-the-art infrastructure investments from Rogers, this historic development will truly lead the way in showcasing the capabilities of high-speed, connected technology and the benefits they brings to businesses in this region.”

Three Rogers-built network connection telecom hubs and 54 satellite communications rooms in the complex will power all network and communications systems throughout the Nova Centre facility.

Rogers has also named the plaza in the centre of the complex Rogers Square, which will house more than a thousand people for outdoor activities and festivals. Rogers will also open a retail space in the building in 2018.


Photo: From left: Halifax Mayor Mike Savage, Tom Turner, Senior Vice-President of Enterprise Business for Rogers and Joe Ramia from Argyle Development.

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