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Input needed on new infection control standard

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is developing a new standard for infection control during professional cleaning and maintenance of commercial buildings.

To help in its quest, IICRC is seeking input from volunteers who perform cleaning of indoor environments affected by germs and pathogens, the property and facility management industry, health care facilities, long term care facilities, schools and consumers who require the services described by this standard.

BSR/IICRC S410, Standard for Infection Control During Professional Cleaning and Maintenance of the Commercial Built Environment will provide a specific set of practical principles, methods, and processes to clean, sanitize and evaluate the cleaning of the built environment where verifiable, hygienic cleaning is required.

“In the wake of the current coronavirus outbreak, IICRC announces this important standard impacting the health of our nation,” says Brandon Burton, IICRC standards chairman. “We’re excited to build out our standards offerings and invite those with a thirst for knowledge and expertise in these niche areas to join us.”

This standard will also establish methods and processes to document, evaluate, clean and sanitize/disinfect and sterilize facilities that require a higher level of cleaning.

“This standard is important in providing consistent infection control principles and methods in cleaning for health,” adds Keith Sopha, president of the Canadian Association of Environmental Management (CAEM).

Sopha will be participating as an active member of this committee. The S410 consensus body chair is Graham Dick and vice chair is Mark Drozdov.

For more information on how to participate please visit this page.

The application deadline is February 29, 2020.




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