CMRAO releases reopening guide for managers

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Condo managers are adapting to the new environment and are preparing to resume their normal operations, according to a survey the CMRAO conducted in May.

The majority of respondents (85 per cent) said that they have developed plans to help their clients adapt as the government begins easing restrictions, while 83 per cent say they have discussed these plans with the boards of their clients.

Three areas where managers are currently seeking the most guidance include, holding meetings, entering owners’ units and the use of common elements. The CMRAO has published a list of recommendations according to these areas, along with additional recommendations, including following regulations, maintaining social distancing, cleaning common areas, maintaining communications and creating safe spaces, among other items.

The Use of Amenities and Common Elements

As condominiums begin to reopen amenities, CMRAO suggests it is important managers work with their clients’ boards in developing plans that will ensure the corporation continues to adhere to government-issued rules and guidelines, while upholding the safety of the staff and residents of the condominium.

Plans need to be flexible and should adapt as the government provides updated information,
rules, and guidelines. As you develop and refine plans, try to gather as much information as
possible from your clients so that your plans fit their needs.

It may be helpful to start with a listing of all the amenities in the condominium corporation, including details on:

  • normal capacity of the amenity
  • cleaning/disinfectant schedules
  • ventilation systems within specific amenities
  • reservation systems/processes
  • hours of operations

Once these details are gathered, managers will be in a better position to work with their clients’ boards to establish new policies as appropriate, such as:

  • mandatory booking required to use amenities
  • requiring residents to disinfect equipment before usage
  • staggering operating hours to allow for more frequent disinfection
  • lowering capacity to ensure appropriate physical distancing is possible
  • changing the configuration or allowed usage of specific equipment, such as blocking specific gym equipment or barbecues on specific days so that residents maintain
    appropriate distancing

Condominium management providers should also monitor the availability of disinfectants,
cleaners, and other forms of personal protective equipment (PPE) to help their clients purchase enough equipment to suit their needs. Whenever possible, condominiums should maintain an adequate supply of disinfectants, cleaning products, and PPE.

Learn more about recommendations to enter units and hold meetings and full results from the CMRAO survey.

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