Changes to national energy code for new builds

Monday, March 14, 2016

About 90 updates to the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 2015 have been implemented to improve the energy performance of new buildings.

Natural Resources Canada said buildings constructed to the updated code will be 27 per cent more energy efficient than those built in 1997.

“As Canada’s go-to research and technology organization, the National Research Council is providing Canadians with solutions based on sound scientific knowledge and industrial innovation, says Richard Tremblay, general manager of construction at the National Research Council of Canada. “The construction industry is asking for more energy efficient design and building solutions, and this new code will help them get there. ”

The changes harmonize the code with the country’s energy efficiency regulations and industry standards. Updates can be found in standards for lighting, service water, and HVAC systems, such as gas-fired units on rooftops, and for ventilation systems in enclosed spaces like parking garages or warehouses.

The code builds upon the Canadian Energy Strategy, a policy plan crafted between provinces and territories that is said to support common energy interests and climate change mitigation. Provinces and territories are free to adopt the code or adapt it to create a code that meets their specific needs.


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