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Six Toronto schools to green outdoor spaces

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Six more schools in downtown Toronto will be greening their outdoor spaces this year with new funding from PortsToronto, in partnership with Evergreen’s Children’s Program.

The $150,000 three-year partnership, launched in 2014, has already supported six schools and will benefit 18 schools in total, many of which are located in high-density areas of the downtown core.

The purpose is to transform playgrounds into outdoor learning spaces that include vegetable and pollinator gardens, as well as shaded seating areas, while encouraging nature-based learning opportunities for students and the surrounding community.

This year, specific projects range from expanding rooftop gardens with vertical food planters to enhancing math and project planning skills as students build tree-box/benches and research and select the tree species to plant.

“A green school ground provides a wide range of benefits for children, from an enhanced learning environment and an increase in physical activity to positive community engagement,” adds Cam Collyer, program director for children at Evergreen.

The next round of participating schools to receive funding for greener playground spaces are Dundas Junior Public School, Eastdale Collegiate Institute, Second Street Junior Middle School, Father John Redmond Catholic Secondary School and Regional Arts Centre, St. Louis Catholic School and St. Mary Elementary School.


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