fire safety act

British Columbia revamps outdated fire safety act

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

British Columbia’s Fire Services Act is getting the most substantial overhaul it has ever had since 1979 with the introduction of modernized legislation.

Now referred to as the Fire Safety Act, new laws will improve fire code compliance monitoring by making it risk-based.

“The adoption of a risk-based model of fire code compliance monitoring will help local governments apply their fire prevention and inspection efforts where the need exists, preventing fires and providing for life safety where the fire risk is highest, said Timothy Pley, president of the Fire Chiefs’ Association of British Columbia.

The new law will also establish an administrative enforcement model to address non-compliance issues in a more timely and effective manner, and will streamline the fire inspection and investigation process.

“The new act will result in a manageable and streamlined out-of-court enforcement system with administrative penalties aimed at improving compliance,” added Minister of State for Emergency Preparedness, Naomi Yamamoto. “And it will provide local authorities with the power to evacuate or close a building where there is immediate danger to life and/or property.”

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