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B.C. flood mitigation project gets $24.9 mill

Monday, March 28, 2016

B.C. is investing $16.6 million for flood mitigation in the high-risk city of Richmond to upgrade various pump stations. The infrastructure funding will help protect assets such as Vancouver International Airport and SkyTrain.

As evidenced in its provincial budget, B.C. plans to help rebuild four pump stations and improve 1,750 metres of the north dike to accommodate rising sea levels.

Since it recognizes the risk of coastal and freshnet flooding—economic damage from an event similar to the 1894 Fraser River flood in Richmond is $7.1 billion—the City of Richmond will add another $8.3 million to the project.

“We enjoy the economic and quality-of-life benefits associated with British Columbia’s rivers and lakes, and the ocean,” noted Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Todd Stone. “But with that, we also need to be aware of the real potential waterways pose for flooding and associated risks to public safety.”

The provincial investment is part of more than $49 million being provided to flood mitigation projects in communities across B.C.


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