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REMI Network wins Best News Coverage award

Friday, November 20, 2015

The REMI Network is proud to announce that it earned an award for Best News Coverage in the business-to-business division at the 7th annual Canadian Online Publishing Awards in Toronto last night.

“We are very honoured to win a Canadian Online Publishing Award for Best News Coverage,” said Kevin Brown, president of MediaEdge Communications Inc. “Our editorial team has proven what we have known all along, that their coverage is setting the industry standard.”

The whole REMI team was on hand during the evening to share in the excitement and toast the award, which honours an online publication deemed to best serve its audience through timely, original news reporting.

“I feel privileged and proud to report on a dynamic industry that provides the actual venue where all other business occurs,” said Barbara Carss, editor-in-chief of Canadian Property Management.

“It is rewarding to be recognized for our efforts to deliver leading-edge industry news, from market trends to legislative changes,” added Michelle Ervin, editor-in-chief of CondoBusiness and Canadian Facility Management and Design.

Owned and operated by MediaEdge, the REMI Network is a leading news and information source serving the real estate management industry. The site provides meaningful content for professionals involved in every stage of real estate management – from the planning of a project all the way through to a property’s development and occupancy.


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