Rat complaints

Rat complaints on the rise, survey finds

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Rat complaints are on the rise in apartments and private homes across the country.

The majority of Canada’s Public Health Inspectors (CIPHI) flagged this issue in a September survey. The survey was released this week by Abell Pest Control who saw an eight per cent spike alone in 2019.

Inspectors claim complaints about rats increased nine per cent in the past three years. They also predict a 14 per cent surge in rat infestations over the next three years.

The greatest frustration for health inspectors is the lack of public knowledge and awareness of rats as well as an inadequate source of public education and preparedness to tackle this issue.  

“Increased construction activity displaces rats from their nests forcing them into residential neighbourhoods,”  said Aaron Soudant, quality assurance manager with Abell who recommends removal of food sources. “Late fall is when rats normally try to get into people’s homes or businesses for the winter,”

He suggests keeping garbage in sealed containers and eliminating water sources. Damaged door thresholds and gaps around utility lines entering buildings are common entry points that rats will take advantage of to enter homes or businesses.

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