Ontario creates web portal for unsolicited infrastructure bids

Thursday, October 17, 2019

The private sector will now be able to share their expertise on public infrastructure needs through unsolicited proposals (USP) submitted online to the Ontario government.

USP are proposals to the government that were not requested through an existing procurement. The web portal will provide a clear structure for receiving and evaluating these proposals, which look at the construction of new infrastructure or improvement of existing assets.

The program is open for all feasible infrastructure proposals, including transit lines and stations, highways, health care facilities, housing supply projects, energy generation and storage projects and digital infrastructure, such as cellular network expansion.

“The engineering and contractor sectors are involved with infrastructure projects around the world and have ideas for incorporating more innovative approaches,” Andy Manahan, executive director, Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario, said in a press release. “These ideas cannot be effectively generated through traditional procurement processes. Encouraging unsolicited bids will therefore have significant positive implications for infrastructure delivery throughout the province.”

This announcement comes months after Ontario performed a Market Sounding initiative with infrastructure through which stakeholders voiced their desire for such a process.

“We will always work hard for the people, but we must acknowledge that government doesn’t always have all the answers,” said Laurie Scott, Minister of Infrastructure. “Our new USP framework will ensure we are listening to the people and businesses that build and operate infrastructure in Ontario to find the best ideas and make them a reality.”

Potential participants can submit proposals and find more information about the program online at:



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