Potentially hazardous mould found aboard Canadian warship

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Higher-than-normal levels of mould spores were found aboard a Canadian warship, a report has revealed.

Recently released Defence Department documents showed that three compartments of the HMCS Winnipeg contained the above average levels, while travelling from Tokyo to Hawaii in July 2017.

Inadequate ventilation, poor maintenance and old equipment are being blamed for the buildup, reports the Canadian Press.

The navy are believed to have asked for the assessment to identify potential hazards that could affect crew members’ health.

Commissioned in the early to mid-1990s, the Canadian-built warships typically carry a crew of 200 to 250.

The Winnipeg’s air conditioning plant, it’s solid-waste handling plant and an equipment room near the helicopter landing pad were the areas found to be most toxic.

The report said that mould found in the waste plant was likely to have been caused by liquid waste sliding down the side of a compactor during operation.
In all, 20 compartments showed some accumulation of dust or mould.

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