Lighting upgrade cuts energy costs at exec suites

Thursday, April 19, 2018

A recent lighting renovation at a Montreal-area business centre has reduced its energy costs by two-thirds, and the more reliable, longer life LED fixtures used have eliminated maintenance costs associated with changing bulbs and tubes.

Located in Ville Saint-Laurent, the Gavin Centre offers state-of-the-art virtual offices and executive suites to a broad range of clients. The building, constructed in the 1960s and renovated in 2004, houses 15 fully furnished suites, a modern boardroom and a full-time receptionist.

When the Gavin Centre’s management reviewed energy and maintenance costs for the building, it determined that it could save significantly on both counts by replacing older lighting with newer LED alternatives.

“We wanted to reduce energy and maintenance costs, and knew we had to look at a lighting upgrade to achieve this” said Daniel Mammone, director of the Gavin Centre. “With the commitment to improved lighting we also saw an opportunity to improve the aesthetics of the building. The Gavin Centre is situated next to a major highway, and is therefore very visible. We felt we could drive client interest in our facility with better lighting.”

Working with a local contractor, the Gavin Centre selected Concept Illumination as the lighting partner for the upgrade. The team replaced lighting throughout the building, including in the suites, the boardroom, bathrooms, corridors and lobby area. They also replaced wall packs on the exterior of the building.

Inside, a mix of two foot by two foot and two foot by four foot LED panels were installed for general illumination, all with uniform 3500K colour temperature and 0-10V dimmable. In all, around 150 fluorescent fixtures were replaced with contemporary LED panels throughout the building’s interior, improving light levels while modernizing the space.

Outside, 20 LED wall packs replaced high pressure sodium predecessors to accent the building’s columns. The light produced by the new LED luminaires delivers a crisper 4000K light than the orange light produced by the high pressure sodium fixtures.

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