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ISSA Canada targets facility service providers for membership

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

ISSA Canada is targeting building service contractors and facility service providers (FSPs) across the country to become members of the world’s cleaning industry association.

“Being part of ISSA Canada provides FSPs access to an abundant network of education and certification programming, as well as tools to support business operations,” said ISSA Canada Executive Director Mike Nosko in a press release. “The result is increased professionalism, better trained staff, and ultimately profit growth.”

ISSA Canada, created this year in a merger between ISSA and the Canadian Sanitation Supply Association, was formed to better serve the Canadian cleaning and janitorial community.

Members have direct access to training materials, educational workshops and improvement tools, and certifications that are recognized around the world. ISSA’s Cleaning Management Institute boasts three different certifications with all types of knowledge and credentials from health safety to sustainable practices. The ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard, (CIMS) which was created for FSP organizations’ management structures, and performance systems and processes, is one of the other many benefits.

“This is an extremely exciting time for ISSA Canada as it evolves to the next level of unifying and professionalizing the Canadian cleaning industry,” Nosko said. “ISSA Canada is determined to ensure that all industry sectors are represented, and aware of the vast amount of tools and programs available to them through this great association.”

To ensure that the voice of Canadian facility service providers is heard, Nosko said that ISSA Canada intends on forming a Canadian FSP Council. Made up of five or six key industry representatives, the Council will provide first-hand input to enlighten ISSA Canada on the sector’s needs, issues that it faces and resources, which could aid in business success.

“Facility service providers are the individuals on the front-line of the industry and it is of great importance that we hear, first-hand, about the issues they face in their day-to-day processes and procedures,” Nosko said. “The FSP Council will provide constant guidance to ISSA Canada, and assist us in planning relevant educational programming, services, and products to make the business operations of the FSP sector function more professionally and efficiently.”

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