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HVAC Maintenance: Keeping Tenants Safe & Comfortable

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

It’s critical to execute on your building’s mechanical system’s upgrade before the next heating season to make sure you’re providing tenants with fresh, filtered air and a reliable supply of hot water before it’s too late. No doubt, it takes time to plan, order, and install commercial equipment, particularly in light of the current supply chain constraints, and planning replacements in advance of a breakdown will help you manage those risks while ensuring occupants have a safe and reliable heating system in the midst of a global pandemic.

“The last thing property stakeholders want to do is wait until it gets cold to turn on your heater and find out it’s not working,” notes Scott Beneteau, General Manager of Commercial Services at Enercare. “Not only do you risk running against tenant guidelines for providing heat if nothing is working come September, but you could also find yourself vying for a repair appointment time, among other properties.”

By waiting until heating season, he adds, property managers and landlords will need to work swiftly to complete projects to keep the systems safe and reliable throughout the winter season.

A proactive partnership

There are many reasons why it’s critical to stay one step ahead of HVAC repairs and replacements. At the same time, there are reasons why property management teams may lack the time, manpower, or expertise to do so effectively. Delegating HVAC maintenance to a trusted and experienced HVAC maintenance partner can help avoid costly and constant system repairs.

This is the thinking behind Enercare’s preventative maintenance program. After working with clients to select a maintenance program that fits, Enercare’s fully-licensed technicians carry out a broad range of inspections and services throughout the year to ensure virtually all heating, cooling, and other HVAC components are operating at peak condition. What’s more, the program grants property teams access to Enercare’s 24/7 Support Centre to handle more timely concerns and emergencies.

“Before we leave your business, we’ll ensure your cooling, heating, and other equipment covered by our program is operating as safely and efficiently as possible, and provide you with a report of any system deficiencies identified during our service call,” says Beneteau.

To learn more about Enercare’s HVAC maintenance program, click here

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