ENERGY STAR to recognize multi-res buildings

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

A pilot program launched today aims to take energy efficiency to new heights in residential construction. Mid- and high-rise buildings due to rise in Ontario can now pursue the ENERGY STAR® label that has been used to recognize energy-efficient new homes for more than a decade now.

Whereas ENERGY STAR® for New Homes identifies homes that outperform code-compliant homes by 20 per cent, the ENERGY STAR® for Multifamily High-Rise (New Construction) Pilot Program will identify buildings that outperform code-compliant buildings by 15 per cent.

The launch of the pilot program responds to the changing face of the new homes market as governments and industry continue to collaborate in the fight against climate change.

“With the increased construction of stacked townhouses and high-rises, I am proud to see ENERGY STAR certification being extended to multifamily high-rise buildings,” said Minister of Natural Resources Amarjeet Sohi. “This pilot program will not only contribute to the Government of Canada’s greenhouse gas emission targets, it will also reduce consumers’ energy costs, create good jobs and stimulate innovation in the housing sector.”

EnerQuality, a certifier of energy-efficient homes established by the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance and Ontario Home Builders’ Association, is running the pilot program with authorization from Natural Resources Canada.

”Trusted by consumers and respected by builders, ENERGY STAR Multifamily is a natural extension of ENERGY STAR for New Homes in a market rapidly shifting to higher-density housing,” said Corey McBurney, president of EnerQuality. “EnerQuality is proud to partner with Natural Resources Canada to demonstrate that innovation happens when industry and government work together to lead.”

The pilot program is scheduled to run for five years in Ontario. If successful, the program could eventually be rolled out elsewhere.

More information is available on the EnerQuality website.

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