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BOMA T.O. informs future energy reporting law

Monday, February 29, 2016

The province of Ontario hosted public hearings last week in regards to Bill 135, Energy Statute Law Amendment Act, which would amend the Green Energy Act to enable a future energy reporting and benchmarking law in Ontario.

BOMA Toronto was in attendance and gave an oral deposition to the Standing Committee of General Government (at Ontario Legislature). After engaging with policy makers and its EWRB Task Force and Energy Committee, the association was able to influence the government to reconsider its original proposal.

The proposed amendments would have enabled the government to require verification and disclosure of information and the development and publication of prepare conservation and demand management plans. The regulation would have also required electricity, natural gas and water utilities to make energy and water consumption data available to building owners so they are able to comply with the requirement.

BOMA Toronto has stressed that energy reporting and benchmarking must be grounded in a fair comparison of properties that encourages continuous improvement. At the recent hearings, the association was able to encourage the province to reevaluate elements, such as building sizes and types, implementation timelines, extent of reporting and disclosure facts, verification and special exemptions.

On February 25, MOE posted a revised draft to the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) Registry, which will be displayed for 45 days so stakeholders can provide additional feedback, before any legislation is finalized. The comment period ends on April 10, 2016.

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