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New Red Crow College campus construction starts

Friday, October 16, 2020

Red Crow Community College in southern Alberta will see construction of a new 106,000 square foot campus at Kainai, replacing one destroyed by fire in 2015.

“I’m thrilled funding has been approved for the Red Crow Community College rebuild. Better access to higher education for Indigenous communities is essential. Students will have the chance to study closer to home, connecting the modern with traditions passed through generations and helping keep the community and province strong through the skills they gain,” said Rick Wilson, Minister of Indigenous Relations.

The total project cost for the new college is $48 million, with $20 million being funded by the Government of Canada through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program. The remaining funding is being provided by Kainai and the Red Crow Community College.

“Construction of the new Red Crow Community College supports Alberta’s Recovery Plan by creating almost 300 local construction-related jobs which also promotes healthy economic spinoff activity throughout the area. Over the long term, the new college will benefit Indigenous and non-Indigenous students alike by providing the tailor-designed, modern learning facility and programs they need to succeed,” said Prasad Panda, Minister of Infrastructure.

The new campus at Red Crow Community College will provide education and training, and create a new talent pipeline for key industries in southern Alberta, such as agriculture and agri-business, to support the promotion of long-term economic development of the region. It will offer a high-quality, culturally infused, Blackfoot language-based learning environment for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.

“The new campus facility will provide access to learning resources, and spaces to gather, collaborate and learn with peers, teachers and elders,” said Roy Weasel Fat, Red Crow Community College president. “It will provide spaces that support listening, mutual respect, open discussion and relationship building. It will ground students to nature, our language and Blackfoot culture.”

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