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Cement Association of Canada registers 1st EPD

Thursday, March 24, 2016

CSA Group has announced the registration of its first environmental product declaration (EPD) by the Cement Association of Canada for general use and portland-limestone cements.

“Environmental product declarations are a simple, easily understood way for contractors and architects – and the general public, to understand and evaluate the environmental impact of the products they choose,” said Magali Depras, president of standards at CSA Group.

EPDs can measure environmental impacts from raw material extraction to the end product, while addressing critical factors such as overall energy use and efficiency, the materials that were used to make the product, chemical substances, emissions and waste generation.

“Cement is used virtually exclusively to make concrete, a material that is literally the foundation of modern society and that will play a key role in the transition to a low carbon and climate resilient future,” said Michael McSweeney, president and chief executive officer of the Cement Association of Canada. “Not only are EPDs an important tool for providing data and transparency on materials but also to support complex integrated design processes that help maximize the role that materials like concrete can play in advanced energy efficient design.”

Buildings are one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) in North America, at more than 35 per cent. Previous studies have estimated that building green and updating existing buildings could reduce GHGs by 25 per cent.

“As we work this year to help the Canadian market adapt their projects to LEED v4, declarations will play an increasingly significant role in getting to low-impact buildings,” says Thomas Mueller, president and chief executive officer of the Canada Green Building Council. “The growing emphasis on the lifecycle performance of products and materials in LEED v4 gives manufacturers a market opportunity to produce products for the next generation of green buildings.”


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