Empty Room

APQ stresses importance of security deposits

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Association of Quebec Landlords (APQ) recently held a photo contest for the province’s annual moving day which takes place, each year, on July 1. The contest, known as “Photo Contest in Quebec: How does your dwelling look like after the departure of the tenant?” was designed by the APQ to reveal the dirtiest post-moving day accommodation in Quebec and show the importance of a security deposit.

The winner, landlord Pascal Théorêt, found his apartment in disarray with graffiti on the walls. According to the APQ, more than two thirds of rental housing are found to be in an unacceptable condition on moving day.

“Trusting a tenant who comes to us is not enough, verification of the payment history of the tenants is not enough, it is now a complete picture that is needed before signing a lease, employment, the landlord, the Régie du logement, the courts, … “ says Martin Messier, APQ president.

While owners can submit official complaints for damage done to apartment properties through the Régie du lodgement, the cost and time involved in undertaking such a task often renders the process ineffective and fruitless.

“The absence of a security deposit … shows a lack of consistency between the obligations contained in the Civil Code and the measures that are made available to the owner,” says the APQ.